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Moving Company in Santa Cruz

Oct 05, 10 Moving Company in Santa Cruz

At AVL Moving Systems, we understand that moving isn’t easy. It ranks in the top three most stressful experiences in life. There are a lot of things to remember, and our goal is to help make your move as easy as possible for you.

Whether you’re relocating to another state or just down the block, there are people, companies, and agencies that you will want to inform of your change of address. We’ve compiled a handy checklist for you to download and print to help you stay organized throughout your move.


As you enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the most spectacular California coastline, have fun at the Boardwalk, but choose a company that won’t take you on a roller coaster ride, like the Giant Dipper! Reserve that for amusement parks. AVL offers local and long distance moves, from Santa Cruz to Monterey and back-anywhere along the coast. And just because you are living up in Santa Cruz Mountains, for instance: in Brookdale, Ben Lomond, Bolder Creek or Scotts Valley, we are there to perform your moves, as well. If you require storage for a short while up to long-term storage we have a climate-controlled secure storage facility for your special moving and storage needs. Our trained movers specialize in handling moves offering excellent rates and services! We will provide a straight forward move with experienced teams of movers for your local or long-distance move. We will provide a quote, which fits your needs. So, let AVL Moving Systems handle your move, whether it is a local move, an intrastate move or a cross-country move!
Give us a call to move you where other companies are treating you to a day at the fun house, with smoke and mirrors, which is not actually that amusing!

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Packing for the Road

Jul 16, 10 Packing for the Road

Packing Bikes: Visit a bike shop for a box to pack your bike.
Heavy Boxes: Sit all boxes of books and heavy stuff on the floor so that lighter boxes can go on top.
Stacking Breakables: Find a place on the floor for breakables so that they can’t fall off of anything.
Rental Truck Emergency Kit: Buy some windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze or coolant, and motor oil. This truck will be pulling a heavy load and it might need more than just gas to get there.
Buy a Lock: Buy a lock so that you can secure the back door to your truck.
Road Supplies: Make a list of things that you want to have in the car with you, either to eat, drink, or occupy your mind.
Lodging Reservations: If you will be stopping in an area with many lodging choices, it is best to grab a room when you arrive to get the best price. But if you don’t want to drive around looking for places, then reserve a room in advance. If you are camping in a state park, it is best to reserve a space before you leave.
Always Double-Check: Double-check reservations at campgrounds, hotels, motels, Aunt Jane’s just to be on the safe side.
Road Trip Essentials: If you are renting a moving trucks, know that they are only equipped with the barest essentials, often without a tape deck or CD player, sometimes even without FM radio. Check your particular truck and decide if you can travel that far without some good tunes. Buying a small radio or MP3 player might be a good investment.
Consider Unloading: If you can, pack such that what you want to come off first is put on last. Mainly items that will be going upstairs or toward the back of the house should be loaded last, so they can come off first.
Towing a Vehicle: If you are towing a vehicle behind your rental truck, make sure the trailer has a working tow package. This means that the brake lights, tail lights, blinkers, and trailer brakes are all in working order.
Parking Your Rental Truck: If you are traveling on multiple nights, make sure to park your truck smartly. Find a wall or a tree or some otherwise immovable place where you can back the truck right up close. This way, if someone happens to break into your truck, they won’t be able to get many items out.
Moving In: If you have items that will just go into storage in your new home, such as in the basement or in a closet, be sure to take these boxes straight there. Don’t just drop off boxes right inside the door because it’s easy. Take them where they need to go because you will end up stepping over them throughout moving day.
One Extra Day: It is a smart idea to compare the pricing difference if you kept the truck one extra day. People often underestimate how draining the whole moving process can be, and if you are hurrying all day so that you can return the truck by five, you will most likely make extra work on yourself by not moving the right things to the right room. Find out what it would be worth to you to be able to take breaks, work at a nice pace, and take the truck back the next day. It could be such a small amount that it will be worth it to pay for the extra time and have the option to be tired and work smartly.
Gas up the Truck: Be sure to take the rental truck back with a full tank of gas, as they will charge you an extraordinary amount per gallon if they have to fill it.

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Moving Out of Your College Town

Jul 16, 10 Moving Out of Your College Town

Moving Company/Rental Truck: Hire a moving company or reserve a rental truck first thing, especially in a college town. You and everybody else are looking for a truck to rent. Make sure you get one first.
Cleaning Your Apartment: With finals, graduation, your new job, and your lease running out, it will likely be the case that you will be packing all your things in a couple days, maybe even less. But don’t neglect your apartment, dorm, or student housing. They will have no problems fining you for an unkempt apartment. While it is hard to fully clean a place you will never see again, it was part of the lease agreement, and there is no point throwing away good money when all you need to do is a couple hours of cleaning.
College Furniture: If you have furniture, consider how closely you are tied to it. You are a professional now, and it might be time to jettison that old college furniture. Also, it will be cheaper and easier to move to your new city without having to rent a bigger truck for all of your old furniture.
Carpet Cleaning: If your carpet is a mess, and it is up to you to make it right, hire a carpet cleaning service to remedy all the spills and stains in your carpet.
Light Bulbs: Remember to replace all the light bulbs that have burnt out. This is part of most leases, so be sure to do this.
Locating Boxes: If you are looking to locate some cheap boxes, bars and liquor stores always have the best ones. Because of the weight of what is going in their boxes is so heavy, they are built to be sturdy. So don’t worry about books or other heavy objects breaking them.

*Most Important Thing* Find a sticker for your car that shows that you are an alum. This is a great way to meet people, and also might help if another alum spots you having car trouble.

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Moving into a Fixer-Upper

Jul 15, 10 Moving into a Fixer-Upper

There are two primary reasons why homeowners move into a fixer-upper: to remodel it for resale (and hopefully, profit) and to remodel it for long-term living. The temptation to move into a fixer-upper is a strong one, especially if you’ve found a place in a great location or with great potential. Be aware, however, that creating your dream home (or, if you’re planning on flipping the property, someone else’s dream home) is a difficult task even for those with plenty of experience. Most folks who decide that remodeling for resale is for them will find out quickly that remodeling old houses is easier said than done. This process can, however, be made decidedly more agreeable with a little good advice and a lot of early planning!

Don’t Live in a Space You’re Remodeling for Resale
If you are remodeling for resale, there is a good chance that the property you’ll be working on will not be your primary residence while the work is being done. This scenario is, of course, ideal. Living in a half-functional house is more of a pain than many imagine it will be; if at all possible, don’t live in the space you are planning to renovate.

Those remodeling old houses that they plan on keeping as a long-term residence may have no other choice but to reside in the house they are working on. In this situation, find a nearby storage unit to house your belongings for the duration of the project. Giving yourself more room in your home from storing some of your possessions, can provide a bigger, better work environment in your home. Storage units are fairly inexpensive, and if you find that you cannot go two days without some items, just go back to the unit and get what you need.

Work in Order when Remodeling Old Houses
Renovating a fixer-upper is a big job, but you will make it even bigger if you don’t perform steps in the right order. If you fix and paint all of your plaster walls before you upgrade your wiring, for example, you’ll most likely have to redo a portion of the work you’ve already finished. Folks remodeling old houses are likely to have a huge list of things to do before the home will be considered complete; by planning that list carefully, you’ll avoid the hassle and expense of backtracking.

While there will be exceptions to every rule, you’ll typically want to begin with your roofing, as a leaky roof can cause damage to just about everything underneath it. From there you’ll want to focus on the main systems of the house: electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling. If your floors are sturdy enough to walk on safely, you can leave them until last to avoid scuffing or staining during your other projects, but if they aren’t stable (a common problem when remodeling old houses), you may want to tackle these before you do your walls, counters, and ceilings.

Remodeling for Resale on a Budget
To some, remodeling for resale is serious business; for others, it is more of a hobby that produces a little extra income. For the former, the amount spent during the remodeling process is a key element in the success of the project. Those who flip houses for a living know that some smaller, less expensive improvements can bear considerable fruit when it comes time to sell. Remodeling for resale is a science, and those who do it well understand that it is often these relatively small upgrades that make a home a winner.

Since what prospective buyers want from a house varies considerably from place to place and from year to year, it is impossible to say in one article which projects are the most effective when remodeling for resale. However, we can give you an idea of what many successful small remodeling projects have in common. In general, remodeling older houses is best when improvements focus on bringing modern conveniences to the space without sacrificing the classic feel of the house itself. Fitting a 200 year old house with a modern, energy-efficient central heating and cooling system is probably a good idea; replacing the original wood flooring with modern laminate, on the other hand, is less likely to be beneficial.

When you can only afford smaller improvements, make sure that the projects you choose enhance function as well as form. Regrouting and polishing existing tile in kitchens and bathrooms, for example, is a very inexpensive project, but it will breathe new life into old walls, floors, and counters as well as protect the backing behind those tiles from water damage. To figure out which smaller projects are right for your fixer-upper remodel, all you really have to do is look at the house objectively. Take a walk through the entire house and note everything from sticking doors to two-pronged outlets. Once you’ve got everything down on paper, you can easily look up the material costs for each project and decide which ones will do the most good for the least amount of money!

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Post-Graduation Moves

Jul 13, 10 Post-Graduation Moves

Many people find their first jobs right after undergrad. Most move to a new city, find an apartment, and begin their working lives. While it’s usually easy to find friends and family to help you move to college, often you are on our own when moving out. This is a big time in your life, a stressful one at that, and completing this list of things will alleviate the stress of this crazy time.

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Santa Clara Moving Company

Jul 12, 10 Santa Clara Moving Company

Too bad Father Junipero Serra didn’t have our moving services available!
With such a pristine historical landmark gracing the city of Santa Clara, the residents are privileged to enjoy charming Mission Santa Clara de Asis as a part of their history. But, if Father Junipero Serra could have traded his donkeys for our expert movers along the mission trail, building the missions would have been a lot easier! Located right here in the city of Santa Clara, we can accommodate your moving and storage needs like no other moving company. Well-trained moving teams ensure that your job gets done in the most professional manner, utilizing their years of experience in the moving industry. Our climate-controlled storage facility, with individual secure vaults, is situated in Santa Clara as well, for your convenience. In addition, we offer free storage for all long distance moves. Our expert movers put forward quality moving services for your local or long-distance moves. We provide a written detailed quote, which is streamlined for each customer. So, let AVL Moving Systems handle your move, whether it is a local move, an intrastate move or a cross-country move!
Give us a call to move you with our state-of-the art equipment. No donkeys for you!
Don’t let the lovely ambiance of historic Santa Clara distract you from finding a top locally owned mover!
AVL Moving Systems is the premium choice for your move, whether it is moving to Santa Clara, within the city, or moving elsewhere in the state or country. We accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, making no move too large or too small. Commercial moves are available as well. And college students need not look any further. Parents can leave the moving to us! Also, if you need full-service packing we have the expertise as a fully licensed and bonded professional mover. We will fulfill whatever particular needs you have-from moving a few items from a dorm room, to moving a piano, a full four-bedroom house or a business. Let us show you why so many customers recommend us to their friends and family!
Call us today to lock in your move or for more information at: 408 217 0060. Let’s get you moving!

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Saddle Creek Resort: California lifestyle the way it should be lived

advertising feature | SPOTLIGHT STORY


California lifestyle the way it should be lived

A vision of the ideal California lifestyle does not include traffic, smog, and high blood pressure. What it does include are picturesque views of the natural landscape, a variety of local cultural experiences, and a home that allows you to enjoy life inside and outside of it.

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the central Sierra region, Saddle Creek Resort has made a name for itself by offering the California lifestyle the way you’ve always imaged. Whether for a weekend golf retreat with the popular “Stay and Play” package or investing in a vacation property to become a retirement destination, the region appeals to a wide variety of interests.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy an array of activity options at Saddle Creek. Its award-winning golf course has been ranked among the 10 best in California, while the sports center includes a state-of-the-art gym, tennis and bocce courts, swimming pool and spa. Other area highlights are hiking and mountain biking trails, water sports and fishing on many of the Sierra foothills’ nearby lakes (including Lake Tulloch, which is only five miles away), skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, the wonder of Yosemite National Park is just a short drive away.

Cultural experiences abound. Wine tasting tours, theatrical performances, museums, scenic gardens and trails, summer concerts and more are all integral to the Saddle Creek experience. Copperopolis Town Square, a traditionally-designed, pedestrian-friendly Gold Rush era-themed “country town” with charming boutiques, eateries and specialty shops, is a favorite place for community events meetings.

Residential options, including custom lots, custom homes, and Castle & Cooke homes, are tailored to a variety of tastes and budgets are available at Saddle Creek One of Saddle Creek’s most recent offerings is The Oak Collection. Homes are two-bedroom with den or three-bedroom single-family dwellings with 2 or 2.5 bathrooms. A Great Room with abundant windows optimizing the incredible views is the centerpiece of the customizable layouts. Other highlights include gourmet kitchen with granite countertops; Kohler cast-iron sink and Whirlpool stainless-steel appliances; grand eight-foot-tall entry door; Moen plumbing and bath accessories; comfortable master bedroom with large walk-in closet; master bathroom with ceramic-tile, double-sink vanity; two-car garages and more.

Homes range from 1,890 to 2,574 sq. ft. and are available in French Country, Monterey, Traditional and Craftsman architectural styles. Prices begin just under $400,000.

For more information and to schedule a tour visit, or call 209.785.5600.

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